The experience of the Founders in the local and international markets have led them to identify a business opportunity in the adventure & training segment of the security industry – 

“to build the most professional adventure facility possible in Gauteng, South Africa”.

The growing need for specialised and world-class facilities in all market sectors is needed due to the escalating demand for 21st century security skills in a world full of escalating crime and terrorism. The prospective international target market is prepared to pay a premium for a location that allows the use of firearms with live ammunition, along with the legislation in South Africa that is friendly in this regard. South Africa desperately needs world-class adventure and training facilities like Leopards Valley to attract the international market.

This however is about to change with the planned Adventure Training facility, 23km north of Pretoria, in the process of being developed by the founders and selected partners. The following form part of the success factors for the facility:

  • Strategic relationships with International Security Companies.
  •  Highly experienced and qualified Instructors from South Africa.
  • Most suitable location, when considering access to the airport, infrastructure and weather.
  • Favourable exchange rate for international clientele.
  • A product offering that competes with the best in the world.
  • Favourable legislation regarding use of live ammunition during training.
  • Last but not least, a track record and existing clientele to be proud of.

What to expect from Leopards valley

  • Private & Group Accommodation Facilities with various catering options.
  • Big or small group Conference Facilities for private individuals or companies.
  • Various Shooting Range Facilities to enjoy for leisure or training purposes.
  • Training Facility that incorporates various training programs for individuals and companies.
  • An Outdoor Adventure Facility where you can relax and participate in various activities.
  • Various challenging obstacle trails for fitness, competitions, strength and endurance.